About Us


Conbect is a cenozoic company in the world. We are renowned for delivering the season’s most popular styles to people from all over the world. Also, we are known for the most attractive bandage dresses in the fashion world. The beginner’s heart is to design and sell the dresses that are beautiful and sexy. And we believed that we already have the confident in ourselves, and all we need to do is find it. Conbect hopes to help you find the sexy and self-confident of yourself.

Our story started in 2023, China. New machines and skilled workers were convoked, also, they are confident to produce any kind of fashion women clothing in the world. As the numbers of our employees and our scale expanding strongly, we chose casualwear as our mainly products. With the development of our company, the annual production output break through 12,000, we had found the foreign trading department and continued strengthening our business in clothing industry. To catch the pace of the international business formation, we prompt some other business forms to keep our speed with the whole market. Moreover, we also offer wholesale, label, drop shipping service and other business formats.


We are expanding our employees increasingly, also, our employees are of great ability no matter when at work or any other dimensions, our employees are committed to our company and they will promote the enterprise at the same time improve themselves, which is the largest characteristic here.

Our Mission:

Conbect adheres to the concept that “U deserve the beauty, and U deserve the sight to find fashion.” Conbect is able to stay on the top of the latest fashion trends and increasingly to take the fashionable styles into the lives of the customers. Moreover, we aim to offer stylish quality products at reasonable price to every customers across the world.